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breakfast in san diego


so i’m waiting for my buddy and his delayed flight into san diego.  so what to do?

you guessed it, breakfast at denny’s.  sometimes you just get a hankerin for a little chicken friend steak, gravy, eggs and hash-browns!  mmm…

i should be able to take a long walk today after my first seminar is over at the national youth workers convention.  the seminar is about where youth ministry is heading.  should be good.  i’m hopeful that some discussions this week can be about what other youth pastors are seeing in the lives of their students and what they are dealing with.  i always wonder if the issues in our youth ministry are peculiar to us or are being seen other places.  things like busyness, lack of commitment to the group, growing relativism and syncretism, stress kids, parents as “friends” not parents and the list goes on an on. i’m really curious to know what people are experiencing in their ministries and if anything is getting through or working.  i may even put up a notice to get people together to talk about this.

but in the mean time, i’ll let my southern slam digest and surf the web a bit.   oh, by the way, to all my midwestern brethren, it’s sunny and 63 and perfectly clear out here this morning.  a truly beautiful day!

pax: ty


One Response to “breakfast in san diego”

  1. What a turn around from this morning…76 and sunny…what a strange day! Hope your Denny’s sat well with you. Enjoy your time at NYWC!

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