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important things

one of my seminars talked about making a new kind of ministry without the constraints of what’s gone on before.  that got be thinking about important things.  things i probably wasn’t thinking about [or at least thinking about differently] 14 years ago when i was a pup in full time youth ministry. i guess this list can serve as a group of ideas to help continue to build a ministry or it can just be things that are important in life. that list is starting to look like…

  • justice for everyone
  • loving people despite what i think
  • the kingdom of God here and now, not just in heaven someday
  • living like Christ
  • respectfully and gently speaking truth, even when no one listens
  • a biblical world and life view
  • families together
  • stewardship
  • parents being parents, not friends, to their kids
  • understanding the manipulation of culture
  • reconciliation with all God’s people
  • building a “parish” of love care in our local community and neighborhood
  • worship and sabbath
  • listening much more than speaking
  • God’s word
  • God’s word lived out practically
  • seeking out different people
  • contentment and peace
  • involvement in and with the community
  • fighting materialism and consumption
  • serving without doing harm
  • valuing all people
  • restoring God’s creation
  • hearing other’s stories
  • going to where people are to build community
  • being missional, not attractional
  • seeing salvation as a lifestyle, not a single event

there are probably many more, but that’s a start.

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