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in His grip, thankfully!

it’s not my bag, baby!

for a number of reasons, i’ve never really been a big fan of the large group sessions here at the ys convention.  they do a nice job bringing in a variety of worship, talent, speakers and stuff, but i can’t hardly get myself to sit through them. as austin powers would say, “it’s not my bag, baby!”

i bet even some of the best speaking i’ve heard has been at these large sessions, but i still avoid them like the plague.  maybe it’s the fact that i’ve just sat thought an hour and a half seminar that makes the thought of another 2 hours program feel like the last think in the world i would want to do.  maybe it’s my restlessness that doesn’t want to be trapped in a room full of gen x and millenial youth workings trying to be 16 again.  i don’t know.  maybe i just want to relax a bit and not want to be in meetings the entire time.

oh well, i’ll live with angst about it as i bask by the pool.

i wonder if i’m missing something good?

pax: ty



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