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three for three: smoke and mirrors

as i’m sitting here by the pool with my anti-session angst, i glance over to see walt mueller, the speaker from my last seminar. he’s good. really good and you should check out his resources and seminars whenever you get the chance.  his web page is the center for youth and family understanding.  i know i must have blogged about him before, but he’s the real deal about culture, society, marketing, media, advertising and it’s effects and affects on our kids, churches and lives.

we are being played, sold to and marketed for money and it’s destroying lives and fostering a whole new worldview.  his new book “youth culture 101” delves into this.

we are all being shaped by madison avenue marketing and it’s drawing us away from the biblical world and life view.  even in the church we’re becoming something else than what God planned because our godless culture has so infiltrated how we live, act, buy and think.

it’s a battle folks that we must not only wage with our students, but in our own lives as well.  i’m grateful that God has equipped walt and others to be out there doing the research and leg work to help us in that battle.  like i said, check out his stuff and get into the business of engaging the culture and exposing the garbage.  it’s so important.

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