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uss midway


today as a break, jamie and i went to downtown san diego and came across the uss midway.  this is an aircraft carrier that was commissioned near the end of world war two and saw action all the way until the end of the first gulf war.  now it’s a museum and so for the low, low price of $15 [ha!] we climbed on board.

it was sweet!

you got an audio player and were let loose to follow a numbered tour of the ship.  from the landing deck to the engine room and everything in between was fair game.  what a cool afternoon seeing that piece of history. most of the areas had been restored to their condition from sometime during the active duty of the ship [1945 to 1992] and was fascinating.  they are truly a self contained floating city. they had to be self reliant out there on the ocean and everything was there to take care of all there needs.  one important thing about sailors, being tall was probably not a good thing because i felt even taller thanks to the low ceilings and numerous pipes and bulkheads.  even the flight deck was full of aircraft that had been used on the midway over the years.  everything from helicopters to fighter jets to trainers and tankers. we got so caught up in seeing everything that my 1 hour worth of quarters for the parking meter expired LONG before we got off the ship.  but it was worth the risk of a parking ticket. [which i didn’t get]  we even took the time to have lunch on the flagtail [the open part of the stern] and look out of san diego.

walking around this massive ship got me thinking. it made me proud of all those who have served this country to safeguard our freedom and answer the call of duty. it also made me wonder if i had been alive and young during a time of war, how would i have handled myself and what branch of the service would i have joined?  would i have rather been in a plane, on a ship or in a fox hole.  tough decision.  some of the sacrifices they made on this ship were amazing.  being bunked in tiny little beds, working in amazingly cramped and hot conditions, waiting for either the enemy or the elements to take your life.

made me proud of all the men and women that have served from that time to this.

a really great day seeing a piece of our history that made me think of the kind of people that have stepped up to do the right thing.


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