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flat tire and lost glasses

so jamie and i are ready to head out for lunch and low and behold, my little mommy mobile [mini-van] has a nearly flat tire.  we got it to a gas station for some stop leak and made it to the alamo rental location at san diego air port.

20 minutes later we’re driving away in a sport grand prix.  then i realized i was driving away from my cell phone, so stopped and got it before we got out of the parking garage.  then, about a half hour later in line at in-n-out burger i realized my sun glasses are back in the van, crud!  i never buy good sunglasses but splurged this summer and got a $50 pair.  which is now in the van at alamo and it’s not worth going back to get.  someone will have a descent pair when they go for a drive.

oh well, that’s what i get for having anything but crappy sunglasses.

pax: ty


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