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[update: i found this cartoon after i made the original post and thought it was relevant]

i wonder how much judging and many stereotypes i’ve thought of this weekend here at ys? somehow the ease as which i can look and pre-judge [stereotype] people is amazing. i start thinking…

  • there is someone trying to be 20 years younger
  • those are the overly, obnoxiously confident people
  • there is techno geek
  • that person has no self esteem and are just broken
  • there is someone that looks cool enough for me to know
  • that one must be a “rev” or “pastor”
  • here comes the big church group that has it all together
  • this on is the poster child for postmodern millennial
  • and so on based on height, weight, race, clothes, face and so on…

every encounter seems to hold some sort of comparison or judgment in my mind. every day is an effort by me to measure up so i’m not a stereotype so people will accept me!

what a bunch of crap, what a bunch of sin on my part. we are who God made us to be and wants us to discover our true selves. to know and be known for who we are despite our flaws.

this is a secret and discreet sin that only i know about and only i get to have fun playing out in my own mind. big gatherings with lots of people allows me to engage in the action that is actually a sin that separates me from being vulnerable and valuing getting to know other people outside my circle. i think i do it at home to people at church, students in youth group and around town.

i bet if i knew that others were thinking of me and how they pre-judged me, i would be devastated and i would stop. although i want to stop because it’s the way i want to liveCHRIST.

if you know me, if you’re around me, please call me on this.

pax: ty



2 Responses to “stereotypes”

  1. wanted to say props for being open about this. judgment even in the smallest ways can really be used by the devil to separate us from a great relationship with all of our other totally weird and goofy brothers and sisters. way to start to being vulnerable in this situation

  2. in my prayers …. hopefully, you can take steps to get past it. It is tough to do

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