u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!

i’m outta here!

well the drive this morning from san diego north was unbelievable. i’ve never seen that much smoke and congestion. there are at least 15 fires out here in southern california and near san diego they’ve evacuated 250,000 people. that’s a quarter million. i didn’t want to take the chance going to my sister’s house in temecula and then be trapped out there if they close the highway, which the have been doing around the area.

so, for a low low price [not!] i’m paying extra to fly out tonight instead of wednesday. it’s not a danger thing, just a not wanting to sit around at my parents house for the next two days thing.

pray for people here in so cal because this is catastrophic and devastating. i ran into one family at a fast food place on my way up here and they’ve been evacuated and don’t know where to go. they were just going to wait it out and pray their home would be there when they go back.

so, holland here i come!

pax: ty



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