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parents and worldview

one thread running through a number of the things i heard at the convention was the importance of parents and shaping a worldview.

worldview isn’t a set of rose colored glasses but a biblical framework to see how to live, think and discern what is going on in God’s world around us.

if you look at how culture is changing and media is shaping students, you realize that without parents being part of the team, youth leaders just don’t have enough time and influence to do the job.

parents need to battle for the mind and soul of their kids against the ever pervasive culture and the worldview it’s selling. kids can live in flux between believing in God and still living how they want and if parents aren’t part of helping to shape a biblcal worldview in their children then there are just too many students for youth workers to do it alone.

  • so how do we engage parents and get them to step up to the plate?
  • how can we get them to spend time shaping their kids biblical worldview and passing on faith instead of just spending time going to their soccer games and driving them to the mall?
  • how to we help parents understand a biblical worldview and combat the effects of  advertising and media in their own lives?
  • and so on!

in looking at so many of my students myspace of facebook pages, you can see the examples of how they don’t have a cohesive worldview.  on one facebook page recently i saw how she tags herself as a christian, had the bible verse of the day, references to the “absolute” [vodka] great time they had the other night and then the “sexy nurse number 69” costume they were wearing for halloween. this from a high school junior that used to come to our group and has not idea that these ideas shouldn’t mesh. if you asked them about it, they probably wouldn’t see that there was any conflict in all of those different values.  bible, sex, alcohol are all part of different compartments in their lives and that’s usually ok with them as long as they don’t stop me from doing what i want to do.

scary!  we gotta find a way to break through all of that garbage with the message there is a way better life to live.  that they are being played and sold to and manipulated all just for money and influence by marketers and corporations.  i know that sounds like a left wing rant, but if you study the advertising and music, you see the lifestyle they are promoting and for what, money! unfortunately, until there is brokenness and pain, that lifestyle doesn’t seem as fun or exciting to them [and far too often their parents too!]

pax: ty


oh, i think i’m going to become even more worked up about this stuff because i’m applying to fuller seminary to get my doctor of ministry degree!  dr. hogue, i like it.


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