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blades hockey


so tonight after a pretty good meal at sioux center’s mexican restaurant, todd and i headed over to campus to watch the dordt blades hockey team.  we met katherine, one of my former students, and settled in for some great hockey.

dordt spanked south dakota state university. there was a big crowd of students and families and it was a great time. it got pretty physical at times and just good hockey.

so this ends our trip to sioux center. it was really good getting back up here, seeing student from holland and pella, fun to see pella and sioux center again and just good to take a road trip with todd. i’m glad i made the time to get this done. i just wonder how long before i’ll be to sioux center again. it’s a nice town, but definitely better to be FROM! it’s a bit too utilitarian and basic for me.  and i don’t want to get used to the smell of pork processing, chicken ranch or dairy farms.

tomorrow morning early it’s back to pella to drop todd off, pick up some backed goods from the jaarsma bakery and then back home to holland.  probably a 11 to 12 hour drive tomorrow. God willing i’ll be able to drive without getting too tired.  but i’ve always got backups in chicago if i need to stop.

pax: ty



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