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in His grip, thankfully!

modern day israelites

driving home from youth group worship last night, i was disappointed how many students from church didn’t show up. [yeah i know, it’s a common theme in my life]  it got me thinking overall about how in our churches and society we really don’t do anything anymore that we don’t want to do. we think our lives are great and we’re the ones who made it that way. so if we think that is true, it doesn’t take much more to see God as nothing more than someplace to go when times get tough or keep him appeased.

i think we’re mistakenly content and self reliant and just like the israelites were thousands of years ago.  they thought that their prosperity and happiness came from their own hard work and effort.  they forgot that all their blessings and their source for life came from God and God alone. they got caught up on themselves when it had nothing to do with themselves.

we’re the same way far too often.

it’s like we’re fat, happy and dumb sometimes.  we go on in our lives and dabble with God. on theory i read said this view of God is called “moralistic, therapeutic, deism”.  many see God as someone that helps me be basically good, there when i need help or healing and just a good guy in the sky.

so now i wonder why God hasn’t gotten sick of of and let us fall prey to what the world has to offer.  or has He?

what does this have to do worship?  connecting with God authentically is the only real way for us to see the mess and sin in our lives and realize that living a life for Christ is what God has intended for us in order to really live!

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