u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!

here comes winter

so the wind is blowing hard and it’s trying to snow here. i drove out to lake michigan and it would be the perfect surfing day with huge breaking waves.  to bad it’s 38 degrees and i can’t surf.  but it sure was a sight to see the waves crashing over both piers.

i want the rest of my leaves to fall so i can get them picked up before they get several feet of snow on top of them or they fall on top of several feet of snow and i can’t get them up. oh the joy of living in the woods.  but i won’t complain because i really do love riding on my mower and playing with my leaf blower.  good fun.

it’s time to mentally get into “no sun for 6 months” mode.  maybe i’ll go tanning!

pax: ty


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