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quality relationships, quality days

monday was a tough day. a few close relationships [no, not dawn] got a bit strained. not to the breaking point, but just bumps in the road where they weren’t expected and that added to some stress that was already there.  not great timing when you’re trying to figure out how to speak to a bunch of middle schoolers about something you know they need to hear but don’t think they’ll be fired up about.

it’s easy for me to forget that when the relationships start to stink how your day goes is not far behind.  it would be nice if we were beyond letting the rough spots make or break our day.  we’re supposed to get our strength and worth in Christ, but by letting people in, we also let them effect us. satan loves to use those moments to whisper doubts and hurts back into your ear and get every insecurity working overtime.

the good thing is that if they are friends and the relationship overall is a caring one, then the bumps don’t last too long and the strains get worked passed. God loves it when we work these things out.  he loves it when we value the relationship because he values the people he created to be in relationship.

…and they did!

pax: ty



One Response to “quality relationships, quality days”

  1. Sorry to hear bro…maybe you should speak about what you wrote about instead of what you have planned???

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