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in His grip, thankfully!



wouldn’t it be nice to just spend a day watching the leaves fall?

i’m sitting in my office and we have 10 acres of woods out my office window. i see orange, red, green, brown and yellow leaves falling by the handful. i think of how peaceful it looks and wish i had a little peace right now.  i have three events this weekend for student ministries and won’t have much time to breath.

what i really would love to do is find a nice gravel country road with trees on either side and take a nice long walk with dawn and have nothing else in the world to think about.

but it just isn’t going to happen this weekend because i also have to pick up about a million of the little buggers off my lawn between all the other events.


pax: ty


One Response to “leaves”

  1. This morning I was really tired. I slept in and then procrastinated going out and taking care of the leaves. This was the first Saturday that I was able to just stay home and take care of “home chores”, but I was still really tired, physically and emotionally. While I was sitting looking out the window, Mike Staat showed up with his son and all his equipment and cleaned up my yard in about an hour. What a great friend! Maybe you should get to know him better. Then you could go for a walk with Dawn.

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