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xxxchurch is on the way


well, this evening xxxchurch.com is at harderwyk talking about pornogrphy and sexual sin to parents and students.
conversations like these are always difficult to have because people get so uncomfortable talking about sex and pornography.  the problem is, that if we, as the church, don’t talk about it, then the world is all to glad to share it’s values with our kids.  those values make everything ok, everything permissible and give little if any of the real consequences of what happens when these sins take over.

so if you would, pray for this presentation tonight.  pray that students and families show, that they hear what God has to say and that some real help and hope is given.

pax: ty



2 Responses to “xxxchurch is on the way”

  1. I look forward to hearing/reading about how it goes! I will be praying…

  2. Ty, I”m so thankful that this night could happen. We heard these guys one time at Mars Hill. Awesome ministry! I pray that God will sink this stuff deep in to the hearts of the kids.
    I love that the parents were part of this too. I pray that they would be open and real with the kids, and also made aware of how powerful this tool of the enemy is in our world. GOD IS GREATER!

    Lord Jesus, Protect our kids hearts and minds. Invade their world Lord Jesus by your power and love! AMEN

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