u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!

all three were a blessing

this weekend consisted of…

friday • undertow function • 450 students

saturday • pinecrest bless work day • 3 students

sunday • xxxchurch presentation • 46 students

three very different events and three very different groups of students.  all of them went very well and were great times. my role in all of these was less with students and more helping make them happen.  as i get further and further along in my ministry at harderwyk, it seems like that is what happens. less time with students, more helping the ministry move forward.

it was so cool seeing kids enjoy the function, people being served by having their yards cleaned up and so many parents respond to the issues their kids are facing.

now tonight i get to go have pizza with a few students from my group and a friends group. we want to see what it would be like for a black youth group and a white youth group to come together to move past what separates us and find what God wants for us.  pretty sweet!

pax: ty


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