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in His grip, thankfully!

crash boom bang

so i’m minding my own business this morning.  it’s about 10 am and i’m heading from one meeting in grand rapids to another that i’m supposed to lead.  i’m driving north on division and have a green light ahead so i drive through the intersection at burton and then it happens.

crash boom bang

a car coming west on burton didn’t see the red light and started right on though the intersection and plows into me.  once we get out and realize that we’re both ok, i move my truck forward out of the intersection and call 911.  then the guy asks me to say that it was his mother, not him, driving the car.  uh, no!  i’m not going to lie about it.  he thinks his license is suspended and doesn’t want to get his mom in trouble.

so the police come and the tow truck and we start to figure things out.  after talking to him the police officer comes to me for what happened.  when i said that he ran through the light and turned into me, the officer looks at the guy and says, “you?  i thought you said your mother was driving?”  so then the proceed to talk and the guy is really back peddling his story.  i stayed out of it except to explain what i saw and what happened.

the long and the short of it is that my truck got towed back to holland and is at r&r body shop.  it may be drivable after the insurance adjuster comes to look at it. he’ll let me know if i can drive it while waiting on parts.  i will probably not have to pay my deductible because the other driver was citied for failure to yield.  he didn’t get arrested, which was good, but i think he learned not to lie to a police officer.  i’m really glad no one was injured but i bet we’ll all be sore tomorrow.

worst of all i’m no driving some little kia piece of junk and having to pay for the privilege of driving it. yippie!

pax: ty



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