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food for thought


i know there are many times i worry that the above cartoon from absojesus hits so close to home. far too often among our church kids too. if you read anything from barna reseach, you’ll know there aren’t many differences if any between churched kids and non-churched kids any more. why are more and more kids turning into these stereotypes? why aren’t their families homes working any longer to help them become the people God’s planned for them? the media loves to portray students this way more often than not.

what’s your opinion? what do you think?

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2 Responses to “food for thought”

  1. “even among our church kids” … Hmmm. I think you might want to read Barna’s survey about the difference between “church kids” and “other” kids. If there’s no difference among adults, why would there be differences in their kids? A large percentage of the kids I know fit in that cartoon, whether they go to church or not. I believe the answer is Christ, not necessarily church. The challenge is to do a better job of presenting an alternative to the culture. Kids learn from watching adults, and what they see in the church is no different than in “the world”. Maybe we should start with the adults.

  2. I believe that we are always trying to fit in somewhere until we until we relaize that as long as we try to copy the behavior of the world we will continue to look like the cartoon above. Not until I allow the Spirit to transform my mind and the way I think will I start to look or act any different, and know God’s perfect will for me. (Romans 12) Christ is the answer!! And it begins with me, having a surrendered, obdient heart. Then I pray it is contagious and I can be used in helping others in the transformation.

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