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the shrinking youth group

so in my ever confusing world of high school youth group, i continue to keep shrinking my youth group. i don’t get it but i’m going to keep working hard to not let it dishearten me but rejoice for every opportunity we have with each student.

i love all of our student and am glad for the time with each of them.  it’s just hard when you want to spend time with them but each week we keep growing in reverse and i get to see less and less of them in any significant amounts.  it’s like mike yaconelli said about how he pastored an ever shrinking church.  he learned to live with and accept it.

so with those that come, we’ll continue to be faithful, show them love and care and enjoy every moment we have with them.  we’ll talk about things that matter and laugh together.  God willing.  with those that don’t i’ll keep finding ways myself and my leaders can get out to their world and show them that same kind of love, care and interest.

this will continue to be a process to keep trying to figure out what it means to reach out to every one of our students with Christ and a real life living for him. our passion and calling is to love Christ and love students, whether they show up or not!  some of the conversations with youth leaders we’re beginning to have is all about this. bringing the ministry of Christ to students lives.

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2 Responses to “the shrinking youth group”

  1. ran across your blog, just wanted to encourage you to keep loving students, investing yourself in them, teaching them God’s Word and doing life with them. I know in youth ministry we all can go through times of encouragement, but know the God who overcame sin and death is working in and through you!!!

  2. i meant times of discouragement

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