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genealogy • family tree


many years ago [about 20] i had a friend steve that got me interested in genealogy.  there was a mormon library out in los angeles at the temple that would allow anyone to come and do research.  they had thousands of microfilms of census records, passenger lists, birth and death certificates from all over the world.  their workers were very helpful in helping you pull all the pieces together, but having a friend who was excellent at it really made it fun.

so basically the other day i got the bug to start checking it out again.  my cousin had put together a lot of details from the dutch side of my family that i wanted to look over.  i also had records from civil war pension files that were from my great great grandmother and how our family name should actually be albertson because she was a wee bit promiscuous.  so with these starting points i wanted to check it out.  the nice thing now is that so many records have been scanned and put online.  at web sites like ancestry.com you and find everything they had at the mormon library without having to leave the comfort of your couch.  there is a fee, but what you and find is pretty amazing.

there are plenty of details i need to research, but i’ve found family trees that are connected to my ancestors that supposedly show that i’m a descendant of king henry the second of england, alexander the great and related to several well known historial figures like mark twain, ty cobb and presidents bush, zachary taylor and andrew johnson.  sweet!

well, with over 1000 relatives the software found and some all the way back before the year 1000, i have my research cut out for me.

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