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in His grip, thankfully!

just call me king henry


so, in the growing array of health issues i’m dealing with, gout is the next one.  when i hear that word i think of king henry the VIII eating a giant turkey wing.  it’s known he had gout later in life along with syphilis.  makes me really happy it’s just the gout i’m dealing with!

gout winds up being a kind of arthritis that can attack the big toes and cause extreme pain and swelling which makes walking and sleeping almost impossible during a flair up.  yikes!  so after a doctor visit this morning i have a new prescription to try and see if it will eliminate it and keep it from becoming full blown arthritis.

so now along with high cholesterol i have gout and tomorrow i head in to check if i have sleep apnea.

one giant cause of all of these things, being overweight.  so it’s time to stop messing around and drop 30 to 40 pounds.  maybe if i do i can get back to sleeping, walking and not worrying about all of these issues.  but man will it be hard, food is fun!

pax: ty


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