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not quite like christmas


this year, even though the christmas season is longer, it doesn’t feel as much like christmas as some years in the past. i’m not struggling with depression, being upset about anything or feeling like being a scrooge, it just feels different this year.  like christmas will be over soon and that will be good.  i don’t like feeling that way.

there is nothing different i don’t think.  i’m still listening to christmas music ’round the clock.  it’s been snowing and so it looks like christmas. we’ve been reading our christmas cards, although we haven’t gotten to getting our own out yet.

so i don’t know what the difference is, but it’s just felling not quite like christmas yet. i hope it will soon because i always enjoy the feel of the season and everything that makes it special.  being busy might hold some of the blame, but not all.

maybe dawn and i need to sit down and figure out what to do for christmas this year, who to get together with and maybe even what we can do to serve others this year.  since we don’t have family here, it’s very possible we could volunteer on christmas eve or day to serve others and be a blessings.  i think that would be cool.

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One Response to “not quite like christmas”

  1. I don’t know if I can help you get the “feeling” of Christmas. I do believe that the shepherds were quietly sitting around at night watching sheep sleep when they got the feeling of Christmas. The wise men were probably quietly star gazing when they got the feeling of Christmas. Joseph was sleeping and dreaming when he got the feeling of Christmas. Simeon and Anna were in the temple when they got the feeling of Christmas. I didn’t really read of anyone running around shopping or even serving or being served when the feeling of Christmas came upon them. The feeling of Christmas came upon them when they were quiet, when they were contemplative.

    This year more than any in the recent past I am especially thankful for Christmas. Not for the “baby in the manger” scene that typifies most Christmas representations, but for the realization that Christ … God … my Savior … loves us so selflessly that he … God! … was born to a virgin, lived, suffered, died, conquered death, and rose so that we … undeserving, defiled sinners … are saved to eternal life. Not in the future, but right now. I am so richly blessed that I while I can begin to enumerate my undeserved blessings, there is no possible way to come to the end of the list. I deserve nothing and I have received everything. It seems like Christmas everyday, all day long. Especially in the evening when I’m quiet, and also when I worship in the temple. By the way, one of the things on the list of things I’m thankful for is a friend like you.

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