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in His grip, thankfully!



i have so many books that i finally tried to do something with them today. it was time to sort, catalog and determine what to keep, throw away and give away.  i have books on…

  • history
  • youth ministry
  • postmodernism
  • theology
  • devotionals
  • christian life
  • experiential education and games
  • emergent and missional church
  • social justice
  • parental and cultural issues
  • computers
  • sexual issues for students

…and a whole bunch more.  so i found software [delicious library] that scans, organizes and sets up a loan system.  and it’s mac only!  it’s sweet and now maybe i can put my books to better use by letting them get in circulation and be read.

so if you’re on of the parents or youth pastors i know, i have a ton of books on youth culture, sexuality and raising children.  just ask and you can borrow.

if you’re a student, i have a bunch of devotionals that will help you take next steps in being a disciple of Christ.

if you like history, i can help there too!

so, since i have to start reading for my doctoral studies, i might as well bring people along with me to read more as well.  it’s a great habit to develop.

pax: ty

ps.  anyone have any ideas on where to learn how to speed read?

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