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sleep test


so i’m off in a couple of hours for my sleep test.  i have to drive to a doctors office and get hooked up to a bunch of monitors and try and sleep tonight.  they say the rooms and beds are comfortable and you really don’t feel the wires, but being the pessimist i am, i’m thinking it’s not going to be much of a night of sleep.

if i stop breathing a number of times through the night they wake you up and attach you to the cpap breathing machine to see if that makes a difference.

in all truth, i hope that apnea is the problem and that a cpap machine will help.  i’ve been tired a lot and would love to be able to sleep better and deeper each night.  it’s not a major concern yet, but why not get things handled sooner rather than later.

i kept my schedule for tomorrow pretty light so that if i come home in the morning wiped out, i can grab a few hours of sleep before taking some students and jared out to lunch.

pax: ty

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