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in His grip, thankfully!

what would you give?


daydreams are kinda fun now and again, and in a recent one i was thinking of what would it look like if dawn and i won a ton of money?

not that i’m perfect or amazingly generous, but what i was thinking of focused on what i would give away. what gifts, what blessings would i use that money for. such a huge list came to mind. i think it would be so much fun to just be an anonymous giver. kinda like extreme home makeover without the notoriety.

if people had no idea you had money and were giving it away, you could really enjoy watching what happens when you are blessing peoples live with things that matter and help make their future different. it would be giving away things like educations, mission trips, medical care and so much more. sure there would be physical needs and fun stuff too, but just showering people, organizations and communities with opportunities they would have without some outside help. maybe bill gates and warren buffet will let me help them give away their fortunes!

being selfless and generous, that would be a great way to live a life! so now how do dawn and i do this in life without the money, but with the love and blessing that would go along with the gifts?

pax: ty


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