u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!

among the sierra nevada, california 1868


while looking for a picture for my last post, i remembered that there is a painting i saw years ago that i’ve always wanted.  i would dare say that it’s my favorite painting ever.  it combines two of my loves, history and the mountains.

it’s called “among the sierra nevada, california”painted by albert bierstadt in 1868.  it reminds me of some of the beautiful places i’ve had the opportunity to see back home in california when hiking and camping in the sierra’s.  it’s only one of the few things i miss about california anymore, besides family and some good food!

but how can you look at this painting, or the actual mountain vista that inspired it and not see God.  that’s what i don’t get.

someday i will own a print of this picture!

pax: ty



One Response to “among the sierra nevada, california 1868”

  1. How, indeed? My first impression when I saw this in my recent Humanities class was “I sing because I’m happy….” and then “Majesty, Worship HIS Majesty….” It is the most perfect print. It takes me there and has my spirit focused Upward!

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