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on target viper live eye doppler severe storm team weather


here in michigan, many times during the year i’m reminded of a song when i flip between the news channels getting a weather update.  that song is from the band rem and says…

it’s the end of the world as we know it, and i feel fine…

they so over-hype the weather here to get people to tune in.  everything is severe, everything is a major storm. they try and get everyone to duck and cover and stay glued to the tv for the latest storm coverage.  guess what?  it gets windy and trees fall; storms and snow happen; rain is a naturally occurring phenomenon. it michigan for pete’s sake, get over it.

that doesn’t mean i don’t feel bad for the people who have been injured from what happens during storms.  nor do i think we don’t need weather updates and to know what’s coming our way.  but please, just tone it down a bit.  don’t try and instill a panic just to keep people watching you.

i bet the people that were alive 100 years ago would laugh at what we call serve weather.  i know we’ve all heard the stories of our parents and grandparents walking to school in the blinding snow and freezing temperatures, uphill both ways. [which must have been a miracle for my father considering he was born and raised in los angeles] now in the age of law suits and slackers we don’t dare consider sending the kiddies out to school if there as a bit of frost in the air or 2 inches of blowing snow on the ground.  and the new teams covering the weather don’t help with this paranoia at all.

i know i get caught up in the over-hype that occurs and we usually close our youth building when there is a lot of snow out or the local school closes.  the snow days are nice but would it really hurt these students to walk through the snow?  again it all boils down to safety and liability.  bummer!

but please storm team 8, let up on the weather theatrics and just tell us what is going on without making it sound like armageddon or the end of the world!

pax: ty


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