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in His grip, thankfully!

tasty treats

it’s a very bad thing to let me go to the grocery store hungry around the holidays. or actually anytime for that matter.

this time of year we all have our favorites and the temptation to squeeze them all into the menu can be a bit overwhelming.

the budget goes out the window and everything tasty goes on the shopping cart. although dawn went grocery shopping yesterday, i just volunteered to go get the one thing she forgot and so picked up a few “extra” items. i went to the store because we needed cheddar cheese and more eggs. i also wound up getting

  • chocolate milk
  • little smokies
  • schuyler’s cheddar cheese spread
  • bacon
  • root beer
  • sausage patties
  • deviled eggs
  • hash browns


i know all this stuff will not help me, but it’s christmas and tasty treats are just part of the season. right?

pax: ty



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