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in His grip, thankfully!

shaking out the cobwebs

reading, although something i enjoy, isn’t something i make much time for usually.  there have been some books over the last few years i’ve read that have been wonderful and had an impact on me. others have just been for fun. but now, it’s time to get serious again with my reading.

before i make it to my first class at fuller on february 25th, i need to read 4500 pages.  i have a reading list to choose from, but that’s 4500 pages to read in two months.  i just jumped into my first book that was written 10 years ago by a professor i had back then.  he was just finishing the book while i was in class with him, but i never got the chance to read it. i forgot how deep he was and how much he packed so much into all his speaking and writing.  my head hurts right now and feels like i have a way to go to shake all the cobwebs out that have taken over in the recesses of my brain.

determination and consistency will be keys, because it’s “go time”!

pax: ty


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