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in His grip, thankfully!

book two


another 202 pages finished, down to 4062 left!

my guess is this book will be one of my favorites and maybe the most significant catalyst to my long term ministry.  the book was “family based youth ministry” by mark devries [not tuba mark that works with me!]

the premise of the book is that youth becoming mature christian disciples is best accomplished in the extended family structure of the church.  the isolation of students into youth group ghettos can do more harm than good.  we tend to isolate them from the adults in the church who can share a lifetime of personal faith development and experiences with christ.

this was a great read and left me thinking through many things.  how can we start to construct a better family system instead of systems for children, youth and adults all running independently?  it will be a process of slow and gradual construction and deconstruction of our ministries to integrate more together while still valuing the specific needs of each age group.

each book is going to expose more of the picture and another piece of how to move forward.  the exciting part will be the conversations with friends, students, parents and other youth workers to discover how to accomplish a deeper and more theologically based ministry to our families.

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