u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!

gadgets gone wrong


tonight i start sleeping with my very own cpap personal breathing machine.  i would much rather be sleeping next to my wife, but with the new machine i thought i would spend the first few nights on the bed in the basement so i get used to it without disturbing her.

i know i love gadgets and this one looks cool and all, but this is kind of taking it too far.  now i have to learn how to breath differently during my sleep.  in and out only through my nose.  the cpap is a machine i will need to be hooked up to every night to actually stop snoring, keep breathing and get a good night of sleep.

everything changes, but hopefully for the better. a sexy man i never was, but this certainly doesn’t help.  thank the Lord i married up and have a wife that loves me!

pax: ty



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