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young life article


being a youth pastor in a local church, there has always been a little jealousy, envy, admiration and hostiliy in my mind towards young life. they get to do some things that i can only dream of and have the freedom to just be with students and minister to them in Jesus. that is sweet and at the heart of what most youth pastors want to do! at the same time i’m thinking those thoughts, i’m also guilty of thinking they are luring away my students and invading my turf and i start to get upset with their ministry and act petty towards them. pretty messed up, right?

these emotions and feelings are complex and i’ve sat down with the young life leaders here in holland to share my thoughts and let them know i care for them but will never quite understand my conflicting feelings and the purpose of their ministry in a christian school setting. young life wyldlife even meets in our youth building to complicate my guilt and hospitality things even more.

so, as i’m reading a blog from tony jones today, i came across THIS ARTICLE about some theological conversations and difficulties within young life. my prayer would be that this discussion does not harm their ministry, harm their ability to work with churches and keep them communicating the love of Christ and the truth of the gospel.

because when it comes down to it, the more people working with families, the better. and competing in our little kingdoms does nothing but further the work of satan instead of furthering the love of Christ!

oh, and let’s pray for young life, the leaders who have been asked to leave and for God to bring peace, truth and reconciliation back to all the parties involved.  there are too many students who hang in the balance to not work these matters out and get back to loving students in the name of Jesus Christ.

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