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god’s-eye view


so is this what the parting of the red sea looked like?

images for me bring things to life.  they give flight to my imagination and help bring me into the story and add dimension into it. [which in my childhood years was quite active!]  there was a post today on ysmarko.com called GOD’S-EYE VIEW that fascinated me.  they are an artists impression of what four different biblical stories might have looked like from above.

putting these stories as pictures that look real are pretty good idea if you ask me.  it reminds me of when archaeologists find different ruins and artifacts that support the biblical narrative and then we get to see the pictures to better explain the context.  these things actually make me want to go see israel and the middle east to gain a better understanding of what scripture tells us.  some ah ha’s moments would probably come with the sights and images.

so let me ask this..

if these kinds of images can make the scripture more real, are we in danger of being like thomas and needing to “see with our own eyes” when we gain understanding from images and archeology?

pax: ty



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