u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!

everything yet nothing changes


in the midst of death and tragedy, there has been tremendous change here in holland in the last week to a 48 hours.

  • a mother has died
  • a father is charged
  • a heart attack threatens life
  • cancer rears it’s ugly head
  • a student has died and their friends injured
  • and so many are mourning, grieving and know able to handle any more
  • and probably so much more we aren’t aware of

but yet some things haven’t and can’t change, praise God!

  • we have each other because Christ has connected our lives
  • God does care about all of this and it hurts God too
  • there is still hope even in the darkest day
  • prayer works and helps
  • being together makes a difference
  • those hurting need us to get past our fear and not knowing what to do and reach out to them
  • belonging to Christ matters, not just for salvation, but for the ability to love each other
  • God wants to use us and gives us the ability to be used
  • God can handle our doubt, hurt, anger, hate and confusion
  • God never leaves us, ignores us ore chooses not to hear us

so hang on, reach out and remember how much you are loved. and if you need help, it’s just as close as your phone or a prayer.

pax: ty



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