u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!

answered prayers

some prayers this week were spoken, some grunted, some probably were just down deep without words and probably a few where whines on my part.

but God is always good, even when he answers no to something we want!

but i praise him for…

  • a sunny day
  • smiles on students faces again
  • a chance to comfort other students
  • more sleep and real rest
  • pizza when i should no better
  • a road trip and time away for those who need it
  • 450 kids coming to dance and play tonight
  • a wife who’s really cute with her sniffles
  • new connections
  • pain to remind us of what’s right and what’s good
  • books being read
  • and so much more when i stop to think!

pax: ty



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