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book four


this book, “rethinking  christ and culture” by craig a. carter has been the most difficult read so far.  difficult not just because of writing style, but because of content.

it’s premise is radical and one that i have not heard before. christendom must die and the church must reject being a puppet of violent coercive cultures and governments.

at first this gave my normally right wing republican mind much to fret about, but after finishing this book it also gave me much to think about.

how much has the church, since it’s partnership with the roman emperor constantine, been duped by culture for it’s own means and ideals instead of living out the call of Christ?

does out church look much different than the dominant culture around us?

have we gone down the road away from the call of Christ by not being completely opposed to violence in any forms and war at any costs?

is the church as whole and denominations in general nothing more than a proof of our sinfulness and coercion by the devil to keep us from being salt and light to people?

and much more.

i don’t relish the work of having to think and evaluate my presuppositions on how the world works and my faith lives out in culture.  it’s good though too because that is the call of Christ on our lives, to hold up everything to the light of scripture, to the divine word and see where we fall short.  to see where we have been led astray and to always come back to and strive to be the people God has called us out of the world to be.  this book asks us to also consider if the church we are a part of is actually called out and different from the world or has been captured, fooled and manipulated by the world to be it’s cultural puppet and lackey. hmm… this book should get a great discussion going when i get out to fuller for classes next month.

down to 3462 pages.

pax: ty


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