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i wonder if our political system is beyond repair and if we as christians put too much hope in our politicians?

we vote based on certain principles and moral values we have but then ignore other ones. so is the defense of life more important than social justice? is the growth of the economy more important than the care and nurture of he young or elderly?

should faith be a key factor in politics and how involved should christians be in the political arena? is it the government’s responsibility to do the work of taking care of the citizens or is it the citizens responsibility to take care of each other?

each passing year i look at how much hope and passion goes into the political process and the candidates who are vying for the job and i get less interested. if more people took responsibility for acting justly, for taking care of their family and neighborhoods, for speaking out against the stupid and wrong things of the world, maybe our government wouldn’t have to do as much because we would be doing for ourselves.

i”m glad to live in this country, but being a citizen of it doesn’t me we should expect our government to handle every aspect of our lives and our politicians to conform to every one of our religious values, morals and desires. it’s an impossible dream.

i would much rather see a nation of christians than a christian nation. a nation should support the ability of people to be christian [and every other faith that people have the freedom to choose] and make an impact based on living out their faith than forcing a faith upon people who would just go on living their private lives any way they wanted to behind closed doors anyhow.

my days being a conservative republican may be drawing to a close. what i would like to replace that with would be keeping the focus on living out my faith in Christ [liveCHRIST] in practical ways in the world which God created and to the people i rub shoulders with. not for show or to impact the government, but to care for my fellow woman and man and be a participant in the kingdom of God. and that care, compassion and concern would be for all, not just fellow believers and not just people like me.

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One Response to “politics”

  1. Read your last paragraph. If you haven’t been “an active Christian living out my faith in Christ …” what are you doing leading kids? Your active participation in government, church, or anything else doesn’t depend on other people. When you follow Christ everything else falls in place. In your post, change the subject from politicians to Christian leaders or from the government to the church or citizens to church members. Start at the top and wish for a sinless world. If you have sin you need Christ. Without Christ nothing works correctly. Without Christ, whatever else you have doesn’t matter. We live in a sinful world. Go let your light shine in the political world. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

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