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waiting for walt mueller


today’s snow day was great. some lunch with nate, picking up some equipment and supplies for the anchor and finalizing details for our seminar tomorrow night with walt mueller. dawn even got to stay home and clean up around the house, do laundry, bake and get frustrated figuring out the bills on quicken. a great snow day for her, right?

now, i’m looking at weather reports and instead of thinking two days in a row of snow days would be great, i’m getting a bit apprehensive that there may be issues getting walt here tomorrow or getting people out to hear him if they think the roads are bad.

so if you’re in a praying mood, please keep that in your prayers. what walt has to say is so good and so beneficial for everyone to hear and think about, that i would hate to not have as many people out as possible. plus, it was either walt or an iMac for the office and so i want to get all the value for walt that we can! ; ) the iMac can wait a few months. hmm… should i introduce him as iWalt?

oh and if you live near west michigan, holland to be specific, you are welcome to come out and see walt for free tomorrow night [wednesday, january 23].  he’ll be at…

  • harderwyk ministries sanctuary [red brick building]
  • 1627 w. lakewood blvd @ 160th avenue
  • holland, mi 49424

come check him out!

pax: ty



One Response to “waiting for walt mueller”

  1. iwalt? you’re a nerd! a good nerd though… 🙂 hope it goes well tonight,

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