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smoke and mirrors follow-up

walt mueller was great last night talking about the affects and worldview that comes from mass marketing and advertising. even with the all the snow, church cancellations and tv weather doomsday forecasts, we had 170 people show up to hear him.  sweet!

as with every time i’ve had the privilege to hear him speak, i wish there was more time.  i want to bring him out to talk to parents again to develop a strategy for dealing with the influences and worldviews that come at their children, but i’m most concerned that parents wouldn’t take the time to do a day long session to really dig deep.

i appreciate so much walt’s honesty and perspective as he speaks.  he reminds me of so many of the wonderful things about our faith as he talks about those things that come against it. some of the things i have been thinking about today and want to continue on in discussion with parents, students and leaders are…

  • we are created for relationship with God. the fall causes us to substitute seeking a relationship with created things instead of the creator of things.
  • a strong biblical worldview discerns truth and righteousness.
  • mindless consumption and uncritical thinking are what satan loves about us and we too easily fall into.
  • we are created in God’s image but seek to sinfully build on we ignorantly think is better.
  • greed and want are killing our faith and are usually not addressed in our churches.
  • good biblical theology matters and has a daily place in our lives. along with reflection.

i hope we can continue to bring out walt and his staff from time to time to help us thinking theologically and critically about what goes on in our world.  i want to have him help us look at the lives and pressures of girls and women and how the church has not been a voice for them many times in the past.  time to keep taking it up a notch!

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