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goodbye good earth cafe

so, it wasn’t a place i went all the time, but about 6 to 8 times a year i would head off to the good earth cafe here in holland for something to eat, some coffee and usually to meet with someone.

today was one of those days. in the course of 3 hours i met with a volunteer leader, ran into some youth ministry friends, worked on a lesson plan and read some of book number six for seminary.  in the course of that time i spent about $15. i understand how restaurants work and realize that if i’m going to take up their real estate, i should be a good customer and buy more than just a cup of coffee and nurse it all day. in my mind $5 an hour to sit on a couch seems reasonable, but i guess not to good earth. a little after noon, someone came over to tell me [not really ask] that since it’s their busy time could i please pack up and leave.


i was on a couch for two with my book bag and jacket next to me i took up the whole couch.  on the coffee table in front of my was my plate and laptop.  there were two easy chairs on the other side of the coffee table that were open.  it was steadily busy there but there were still a number of open seats. coming up to ask me to pack up and leave kinda took me off guard.  i was nice and polite and packed up, but the more i thought about it the more i thought how rude that really was.  at most i was taking up the one extra seat on the couch and not much more.  since it was lunch time, i would have most likely grabbed some more food and had my lunch there, spending another $7 or $8 bringing my total up to over $22.

so bottom line, i’m done with good earth cafe. there are plenty of other coffee shops and places to eat in holland that would appreciate my business. especially in this economy!

i miss tim and september woods coffee shop.  he’s a great christian guy and had a warm and inviting coffee shop where we did church bible studies, met with students and leaders and i spent a lot of time working on stuff instead of the office.  unfortunately they couldn’t make it work but they were the kind of place that appreciated my business.

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One Response to “goodbye good earth cafe”

  1. Has anyone ever considered the idea of a bookstore/coffee shop @ Harderwyk Ministries? If we ever consider a building program, I’d vote to entertain the idea.

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