u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!



yet another snow day.  that’s three in january already!  and thank goodness our weather tracker super doppler storm team is on the alert to give us up to the minute news on the storm! they’ve been calling it like blizzard “like” conditions.

it didn’t snow too much, maybe 5 inches or so but started out with raining a half inch then became a flash freeze as the temperatures dropped.  it was blowing early this morning about 30 mph and wind chill was 15 below.  now the wind has died out but the snow is now covering sheets of ice on all the roads.  i’m even seeing sunshine at this point.  we’ll see what it’s like to get out on the road to head to church in time for coffee break.

talking yesterday with several people we thought it would be cool to have a job that you get paid a good salary and are wrong so much of the time.  sign me up to be a weather reporter because i’m good at being wrong.  i just don’t want to be the low one on the totem pole that has to report from on location in the cruddy weather outside.

pax: ty



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