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doing things differently


it’s late so this won’t be a long post. if it’s confusing, sorry.

i’m reading another book [THE DIVINE CONSPIRACY] for class and the last few chapters have dealt with the kingdom of God and how the beatitudes should be understood.

both deal with doing things differently.  not for the sake of difference, but because how we live life has veered away from how God wanted things to be in the first place.  doing things differently means that when i am showing love those are actually my neighbors, and everyone is in need of love.  so the kingdom of God is open to all and all need his loving blessing.

i’m probably not doing these chapters justice, but i know i want to do justice to what God has intended.  to not overlook, to not be too busy, to expect sin to attack when what God uses us for is viewed as silly and stupid and will never make a difference.

lately i’m aware that the position of youth pastor can sometimes keep me from, not help me with, be a pastor to students. passing on the road too busy to help.  sound familiar?  read the good samaritan to figure it out.

i would like to make sure that i’m doing things differently, to be used of God so that people can know his love and the blessing of being a neighbor. someone that matters. i want to keep exploring what it means to liveCHRIST beyond just believing in and knowing about him.

pax: ty



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