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anger and condemnation

as i’m finishing up another book for seminary, a few thoughts are really challenging me…

  • removing anger and condemnation from my life transforms me towards the kind of person Christ is.
  • transformation towards the kind of person Christ is means being his disciple.
  • being his disciple is then bringing about the Kingdom of God among us.

the realization of how much damage anger and condemnation cause in our lives and relationships kind of overwhelmed me. there two hurtful actions cause so much pain, separation and ultimately missed opportunities to live as Christ with people. we either exclude people, write them off or completely devalue them because of our anger or condemning them. we fail to see them as image bearers of God and sin against them and hurt them deeply. it gave me some hope and some encouragement to think about first focusing on releasing any and all anger and condemnation in my life and from any relationships that i have.  one way that will play out is striving to never ignore or devalue anyone because that is a huge part of condemnation.  you look past them and don’t see any value in taking any time for them.  you’ve condemned them to the role of complete worthlessness.

i don’t want to be that kind of person EVER.  and i have been and it can be really easy for me to continue to be that way.  i never want to relish being angry with someone because i feel i’ve been the victim or been mistreated.  i remember some lines from a movie that talked about anger and hate.  basically one person was warning that that much hate and anger in their life will burn them up.  the person’s response was that it just keeps them warm in the cold.  kind of a flip answer but one i got a chuckle out of in the past.  now i just see it for the cold and dehumanizing effect of what anger does to us and completely separates us from the kind of character and love that Jesus Chirst displays.

there is much more to consider then with truly becoming Christ’s disciple, his apprentice and working hard to bring the kingdom of God among us. however, i think the author was correct in his belief that God’s transformation of us from angry and condemning people is the first step to becoming a person that models what it looks like to liveCHRIST. so that will be my first step in this process of renewal and reformation, God willing.

oh, and if you want to read that book, it’s called the divine conspiracy by dallas willard.  it’s tough, but worth it.

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