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each summer we host SERVE which is a week long middle school service project where about 100 students can discover their gifts, meet other students, have a great time and work on what it means to liveCHRIST. this will be our fourth summer hosting and we’ve had such a great time having everyone here at harderwyk. i’m looking forward to gearing up for another year.

i’m also very excited about the theme this year, “right the wrong”. a hero of mine, rev. tony van zanten, from ROSELAND CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES was continually talking of our call as christians to restore and reform God’s world. right the wrong was a phrase that he would use all over the city, pointing to boarded up houses needing families, children needing care and people broken and hurt who needed love and redemption. it’s a great theme to inspire students to get involved in simple ways that mean so much in peoples lives.

SERVE has been a wonderful opportunity not only for the students but our church and neighborhood as well i just developed a new blog for it that you can check it out…


SERVE is a ministry of YOUTH UNLIMITED which offers a number of opportunities for church reach and equip students for Christ. if there are ways you want to help or donate to make this week even better, please let me know.

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