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flip video

so we got a new gadget for our serve project this summer. it’s a flip video camera. check it out… HERE.

these are a couple of samples i’m playing with. the first is our neighbhorhood an d the second is from our monthly middle school function at church.

it’s a small, 1 hour video camera that uploads easily to the internet. for quick movies of our youth group events and our service project, this should be very simple and easy to use and then get online for people to see what we are up to and keep in touch.

so far i’m very impressed by the quality and ease. it’s harder to see the quality through youtube or on this blog, but on the screen and on my computer it’s pretty impressive. it runs off aa batteries that are available anywhere, it’s super light weight and the price seemed reasonable too. i’m really exicted because i bought the watertight housing and can use it on rafting and tubing trips instead of disposable cameras.

pax: ty


2 Responses to “flip video”

  1. I agree! They are the bomb! Ceci used one on our trip to South Africa…all the videos JQ posted (except for the photo slideshows) were done on the flip! I want one now too! I think you made a great, easy, cheap investment for your ministry!!

  2. i just got one on thursday. happy valentine’s day to me! we went to chicago this weekend and i took it with me. i’ll be posting soon.

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