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next week this time

my guess is that next week about this time i’ll be too wound up to sleep so i’ll need to go for a long walk down at the beach.  why?  because a week from tomorrow morning i’m starting my classes for my doctor of ministry at fuller in pasadena, california.  going back to school again is actually starting to become more real now.  i’ve just finished book number 10 i think but still have about 9 more to go for the required pre-reading.  to think that i just read 10 books in two months blows me away.  i haven’t read 10 books in the last year or two typically.  i may scan and browse books, but cover to cover didn’t happen much.  i really like the reading, but it just consumes quite a bit of time.

it’s hard for me to think that i’ve made it into and will be taking doctoral level courses.  weird.  i know it has something to do with the constant nagging fear in my own mind that i’m never quite good enough or smart enough. creative ideas i’ve never had a problem with admitting are strengths, but that seems so far away from being able to accomplish educational goals.  the feeling that i’ve always risen to the level of my incompetence has always dogged me and i may never know why.  however, i’m thankful for God’s provisions and motivation to the point now where i get to go study and learn some more about what i love to do.  i hope and pray that in all of this that i’ll get some more handles of ministry to youth and their families that help them liveCHRIST in as many meaningful was as possible and do it together.

plus, it’s gonna be sunny and warm in pasadena.

pax: ty


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