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in His grip, thankfully!

another snowy day



this is becoming quite the stormy winter. we have had event cancellations, blizzard like conditions, trees falling, road slide offs and we’re close to reaching the maximum of school snow days. this is definately the heaviest winter weather i’ve seen since moving away from los angeles. and so today the posibility of canceling tonight is there again. we’ve already got snow and wind mixing for a nasty day and it’s supposed to get much worse by 3 to 4 pm this afternoon.

i hate canceling but i also hate putting people at risk by driving in this kind of weather. one of our pastors just drove in and couldn’t see much more than a few car lengths ahead. it’s a negative if you close and it’s a negative if you don’t. not only do i have to worry about people driving out in this, but dawn has a late night skating party with her middle school tonight and probably won’t be home until 10 or later in horrible driving conditions. yippie!

oh the fun of leadership. it will be great to be out in the sunshine and warmth of los angeles next week!

pax: ty



One Response to “another snowy day”

  1. yikes! I almost hate to tell you that I just checked the weather and it’s 67 degrees here! enjoy your snow! 🙂

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