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in His grip, thankfully!

down to the wire

well, we’re down to less than a week before classes start for me and i’m reading all the time.  i don’t know if it’s the amount of reading or some other things going on, but my focus is definately waining. hence the blogging at the moment.
picking jp’s coffee shop tonight to work at is probably not a good idea either.  there are so many noises and distractions [students laughing at the next table, music over the speakers, chatty baristas and loud equipment] that i usually ignore that are driving me nuts at the moment.   i want to head home but dawn is meeting me here so she can spred her things out and grade and catch up on school work before she leaves for guatemala.

so i guess i’ll make the best of it tonight and buckle down. if i can!

pax: ty


2 Responses to “down to the wire”

  1. Yes, you do need to break from cramming, but….

    I have been preparing a care package, something to provide a change of pace when you return from your time in balmy Southern California….

  2. Sounds like you may need some of the kind of weather we are having in CA right now–gloomy and wet. Good sitting indoors to read weather just in case you don’t finish the list before you get here.


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