u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!

i hate it

dawn left not much over an hour ago and i hate it.  it doesn’t feel right and that’s a good thing.  i’m usually the one that goes away and watches her from the truck as i drive down the street.  now this time i’m the one in the driveway waving and thinking there wasn’t enough time to say goodbye. i needed this perspective, but it’s hard. we’ve both been rushed and hectic this week and now she’s gone much too fast.

and i hate it!

41 one years i waited for the right person thinking that being alone was alright.  and it probably was for that time in my life.  but now, i don’t have to be alone anymore and frankly i don’t want to be.  there is a difference in having space for your self and being together with the one you love for the the big things in your life.  or at least in my mind right now there is. the fact that she’s on the way to guatemala doesn’t help either.  it’s a lot of traveling.

wow, i just started thinking of what i will be like when we have kids and i’m seeing them go off on their own.  ouch!

pax: ty


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