u t h p s t r
in His grip, thankfully!

my brain hurts


between conversations in class, discussion and lecture, all my reading and all my thinking, but sprinkle in the unknown of the future with what i will be doing with and from this degree and a healthy dose of the overwhelming nature of everything that is being addressed in the reading about culture, change, the way forward, problems, meta-narratives and being faithful to scripture and God: let us just say that my brain hurts a bit.  phew!

i will engage all of this with all the courage and God given strength i can muster, relying on the hope that it is God that draws me into this, sustains this and the capability to finish not only comes from Him but also comes with hard work too.

so, i’m packing up for the day to head back to mom and dad’s house.  i know i won’t read much there, but i’ll try.  i’ve been on campus for 11:30 hours and it’s time to drive a bit and listed to the radio loud!

pax: ty

ps.  grammar and coherence don’t count tonight in this post.

i’m bummed because i missed a phone call from dawn because i was on the phone with nextel customer service.  the phone mysteriously reset and locked me out of voicemail access. it’s fixed now but i wanted to hear my wife’s voice!

i need a walk tonight too, a good long one to break a sweat after sitting all day for the last 4 days.



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